Impressionism in Slovenia

We dedicated the first half of this year to the »Colors in Art«.

Color is one of the most important elements of impressionism. As there are four well-known French impressionists painters: Claude Monet, Eduard Manet, Edgar Degas and Auguste Renoir, we also had four Slovenian impressionist painters. One of them is Matija Jama, who was together with Rihard Jakopič, Ivan Grohar and Matej Sternen, one of the best representatives of Slovenian impressionism.

MatijaJame: Willows, 1908, National Gallery, Ljubljana
Below is  a photo of painting after and before restauration
(photo: Irena Šterman)

And because Matija Jama was born  in January , I would like to introduce him to you. So- he was born in Ljubljana on January 4th in 1872 and he  also died in Ljubljana on April 6 th in 1947.

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STEM Discovery Campaign

SDC20 banner

The 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign is a joint international initiative organized by Scientix that invites projects, organisations, libraries, schools, universities and youth clubs across Europe and around the world, to celebrate careers and studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The tagline for this year’s campaign is “Innovative Trends in Education”. The main goal of the STEM Discovery Campaign, is to showcase the magnitude of the efforts teachers and other people interested in STEM education make during the academic year while using learning resources and engaging their students in educational activities promoting STEM.

Interested to become a partner?

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“The colours of Science” competition

Would you like to join STEM and Arts? Do you have good ideas about integrating the topic of “colours” in a STEM lesson plan? Would you like to participate in an international competition where your ideas will be highlighted? Do you want to win a drone?

“Atelier for STE(A)M” Erasmus+ project invites you to send us a scenario or lesson plan developed around the topic of “The colours of Science” and you will have the opportunity to gain visibility to your work and, if you are one of the 6 best applications, win a drone to continue working STEM in a practical way with your students.

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About our Erasmus+ project “The colours of Science” (Atelier for STE(A)M 2).

Europe needs scientists. But also needs citizens. Not everyone will be an engineer, or a mathematician, or a chemist. But all of us will live in a society where Science and Technology are ubiquitous. It’s very important to educate every student with a solid base to understand the main concepts that are around him or her. It’s very important to develop critical thinking and create minds able to take good decisions. Open to new realities and cultures, ready to act to improve the world where we all live, where our students will live.

Erasmus+ is a program that tries to build this kind of person. Thanks to these projects, young people can grow in their minds the idea of working together, feeling Europe as a unit where we can think and work with shared aims.

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