About our Erasmus+ project “The colours of Science” (Atelier for STE(A)M 2).

Europe needs scientists. But also needs citizens. Not everyone will be an engineer, or a mathematician, or a chemist. But all of us will live in a society where Science and Technology are ubiquitous. It’s very important to educate every student with a solid base to understand the main concepts that are around him or her. It’s very important to develop critical thinking and create minds able to take good decisions. Open to new realities and cultures, ready to act to improve the world where we all live, where our students will live.

Erasmus+ is a program that tries to build this kind of person. Thanks to these projects, young people can grow in their minds the idea of working together, feeling Europe as a unit where we can think and work with shared aims.

In our case, six schools from five different countries are working to get these aims. We are designing STEM activities to apply to our students to give them the competences they will need in the future.

But we are aware that we are not alone. Arts and Humanities are very valuable subjects we want to integrate in our approach. This is the reason we prefer STE(A)M. We need to cooperate in cross-curricular activities. We want to use Arts in our activities. We like Science and Technology, but we like more to enjoy with Science and Technology. And a very good way to reach this objective is to feed not only the head, but also the heart. And Art is a direct connection to feelings.

Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland and Spain are the countries participating in the project. During two years (from September 2019 to September 2021) we are going to develop with our students activities related with “The colours of Science”. We were collaborating in a previous project “Atelier for STE(A)M” and now we continue together, focused in this new topic.

The Physics of colour, the chemical pigments and the colour in Chemistry, how the Technology build the colour or the presence in Biology will be only a few topics we will go to work on.

We invite you to continue with us, reading our blog, following in our social nets (Twitter: @atelierforsteam, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atelierforsteam/ ) or participating in the activities we are going to organize…

or participating in the activities we are going to organize…